Friday, June 22, 2018

Dr. Peterson Receives the 2018 Robert W. Kirk Award for Professional Excellence from ACVIM

Dr. Mark E. Peterson has been awarded the Robert W. Kirk Award for Professional Excellence by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM).

This award is presented annually to an ACVIM Diplomate with an outstanding career in veterinary medicine, including national and international recognition for contributions and services in activities such as clinical medical practice, instruction, research and/or public service.

The ACVIM writes: “(Dr. Peterson) pioneered clinical work to identify canine hyperadrenocorticism and feline hyperthyroidism - now the most common endocrine disease of that species.

Dr. Peterson was also the first person to use radioiodine to treat feline hyperthyroidism, now the preferred therapy. Dr. Peterson’s dedication to the feline hyperthyroidism makes him a truly distinguished contributor to the field of veterinary medicine and to the ACVIM.”

Dr. John Randolph presented the award to Dr. Peterson, and his presentation included a few quotes from fellow veterinarians:

“He is an important role model for private practice internists. He has shown …that it is possible to do research, teach, and publish while being in private practice and continuing to see a high volume of patients.”

Another colleague: “Dr. Peterson has not defined his work by merely cataloguing disease syndromes in review papers or book chapters. Rather, he frequently challenges long-held unproven presumptions through thoughtful hypothesis-driven evidence-based outcome studies that include significant case numbers.”

“His impact on veterinary medicine through his keen clinical observations and seminal research publications is astonishing especially considering that most of his work has been completed in clinical practice settings."

“While his contributions to veterinary medicine make him a very special veterinarian, his personal attributes make him an exceptional human being. He is one of the most cheerful and exciting people I have ever met. His humbleness as well as his ability to believe in everyone’s potential has been an example to me.” 

Dr. Peterson is humbled to be honored with the Robert W. Kirk Award and will continue his research to further the knowledge of feline and canine endocrine disorders. To learn more about Dr. Peterson's current research studies, click here.

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