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Top Endocrine Publications of 2014: The Feline Thyroid Gland

In my fourth compilation of the canine and feline endocrine publications of 2014, I’m moving on to disorders of the feline thyroid gland. Listed below are 32 papers that deal with a variety of thyroid gland topics of issues of clinical importance in cats.

These range from from a survey of owners' perceptions and experiences after using radioiodine to treat their hyperthyroid cats (1) to the results of an online survey to determine owner experiences and opinions on the management of their cats using oral anti-thyroid medications (14); from case reports of methimazole or carbimazole-induced toxicity in cats with hyperthyroidism (3,5,19) to a number of publications involving various issues of medical treatment with methimazole (2,4,7,14,15,20); from a study of the concurrent diseases detected in hyperthyroid cats undergoing assessment for radioiodine treatment (25) to concurrent diseases and conditions in cats with renal infarcts (including hyperthyroidism (12); and finally, from studies investigating the efficacy of an iodine-restricted diet for management of cats with hyperthyroidism (9,30) to other forms of dietary management for this endocrine disease (19,24).

Finally, 2 investigations add further data concerning chronic renal disease in hyperthyroid cats (31,32), as well as the fact that iatrogenic hypothyroidism contributes to azotemia in these cats (31). A number of 2014 publications deal with the rising prevalence and/or etiopathogenesis of hyperthyroidism in cats (6,16,17,21,22,23,29). Unfortunately, further studies are needed to better define the cause(s) of this perplexing disease (download my review paper for more discussion) (23).

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